Technology frameworks are key enablers for integrated ecosystems to be a reality in today's era. Frameworks allow the systems to be flexible and to conveniently calibrate existing legacy systems. Frameworks allow business rules to be defined based on every business logic and need.

Solutions can be built over functional frameworks as a high level layer, which embed external solutions through secure connectors that enable functional data layers for operational ease.

The objective of the framework is to improve the efficiency of any new customized application. For e.g a logistics company would like the hardware and software to be calibrated based on its business rules , and all legacy systems to be integrated seamlessly. This is where a framework would settle prior to customized solution, and would calibrate all existing functions over which the customized application may reside, the framework would map all functions based on the business needs and behaviors.

Frameworks are foundational layers for building large business technology ecosystems, for a seamless functional and pain point resolution with sufficient customization and future auto maintenance without much external dependencies.

Proximity IoT framework allows for system integrators to configure devices using proximity high level protocols and integrate 3rd party tools. Transfer data through rich API's and build own environment including cloud and on Prem. data center.

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